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Video of How to affix a Mezuzah

Learn about the power and significance of the Mezuzah

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Miracles of a Mezuzah...

“During my time in University, after being discouraged by my friends, I decided to move my mezuzah from the outside of my door to the inside. A short while later, a package of mine was dropped off at an elderly neighbor. As I was about to leave, this eldery gentleman murmurs ‘’Shalom’’. The old man confided in me his sad and bitter past. After suffering through the horrors of the war, he had turned away from Judaism, abandoning his identity, and had never found joy. ‘Recently,’ he revealed, ‘I have found solace and relief from some of my pain. I go downstairs, to your doorway, and cry. I stare at the Mezuzah on your door, and kiss it; my heart warming just a little.’ 

Needless to say, I swiftly moved my Mezuzah back to the outside; a proud reminder to all of our beautiful heritage and the resilience and wherewithal of the Jewish spirit and tradition.’’

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